Donation Drive – 12/1/2020

‼️Donation drive‼️

Apparently I am incapable of making a video that’s one min or shorter, so you’ll have to read instead😆. These little angels were surrendered to us by a gentleman named Joe, who we got in touch with thanks to multiple middlemen who were advocating for these babies.

Joe is a really kind person who is known for taking in animals that have been dumped on/around his property. He doesn’t have much, not even for himself and we’ve been told that he will often go hungry to make sure the dogs are fed instead 😞. After we picked up the puppies he called just to make sure we made it home safely. It hurts my heart that someone trying to do good has to choose between feeding his animals or himself.

By taking the puppies, we’ve lightening the load quite a bit but I want to make sure everyone is taken care of. We are going to offer to have his adult dogs spayed/neutered and vaccinated. We are also going to deliver him a bunch of supplies including food, flea meds and bedding for his dogs. If you’re inclined to help in any way, I’ve added items to our Amazon Wishlist. You can also donate toward the vetting via PayPal or Venmo-please note “Joe.”

As always, thank you! I can’t wait to surprise him with this☺️.

Venmo –

PayPal –

Amazon Wishlist-…

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