Sponsor – Mutt’s Coffee

Shop Mutt’s Coffee Learn about Mutt’s Coffee one of our wonderful sponsors/partners. At Mutt’s, every bag tells a story: a Mutt’s story. They rotate their coffee bag labels every week and feature the story of a rescued dog from Winston County, AL. They work with this organization specifically because the work they do is absolutelyContinue reading “Sponsor – Mutt’s Coffee”

Sponsor – Best Life Leashes

Best Life leashes is an organization dedicated to inspiring more people to choose to adopt their next dog by creating the symbol for rescue dogs®. With every leash and collar purchased using our code INSERT CODE or clicking here, Best Life will donate a matching one directly to us! Let others know your dog isContinue reading “Sponsor – Best Life Leashes”

Giving Tuesday – 12/2/2020

I’m beyond grateful for the support we’ve received so far! Please continue to share, and donate if you’re able. Every penny counts and allows us to continue to help animals in need. Fundraiser ends tonight! In honor of #givingtuesday my sister created this fundraiser to benefit FCRR . Since becoming “official” this summer, we haveContinue reading “Giving Tuesday – 12/2/2020”

Donation Drive – 12/1/2020

Donation drive Apparently I am incapable of making a video that’s one min or shorter, so you’ll have to read instead. These little angels were surrendered to us by a gentleman named Joe, who we got in touch with thanks to multiple middlemen who were advocating for these babies. Joe is a really kind personContinue reading “Donation Drive – 12/1/2020”