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Learn about Mutt’s Coffee one of our wonderful sponsors/partners. At Mutt’s, every bag tells a story: a Mutt’s story. They rotate their coffee bag labels every week and feature the story of a rescued dog from Winston County, AL. They work with this organization specifically because the work they do is absolutely critical. Without local resources like an animal shelter, they face some of the most staggering cases of animal neglect and abandonment in our country. There are so many incredible stories generated from their rescue work and here at Mutt’s Coffee, we use coffee as a medium to tell those stories. In addition to featuring a new rescue dog every week, we donate 25% of profits back to Free State Four Paws so they can continue to do the amazing work they do.

Starting in 2021, we will also be featuring stories from the adopter’s community. At Mutt’s Coffee, they aim to bring you stories from every angle of rescue work. A large piece of that are the stories about rescue dogs from the perspective of the families who adopt them. We are very excited about this segment and think that you too will really enjoy the inside look of how rescue dogs have gone on to change the lives of their families.

Mutt’s master roaster and co-founder of Mutt’s, Mark Wilcox, is exceptionally talented when it comes to coffee. Each batch he roasts reflects a wisdom that can only be earned after devoting almost two decades to working in the coffee industry. Mark has worked with both Arabica and Robusta beans from various growing regions around the world. Every bag of Mutt’s is a true product of Mark’s exceptional expertise and knowledge.  

Mutt’s Coffee is made using 100% Arabica beans from popular growing regions like SE Asia, and Central and South America. With every coffee profile we create, we include origin, taste notes, and brewing recommendations. Mutt’s Coffee is roasted in Portland, OR, a city well known for some of the most quality coffee roasters in the world. 

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